Get Your “Wavy Curls” Today!

20130515-173610.jpg My hair is naturally curly (a beachy easy type of curly), but here I styled it wavy/big curls. This look is so easy, fast, and lasts for a couple days.

I use the 1.5″ piece on this AMAZING Herstyler 3p curling wand. Seriously it’s the best curling wand (not to be confused with curling irons, but that’s another story)! It’s the same brand as a lot of those $200 mall kiosk wands, but sold at approximately $40-$50 on I never go on a vacation without it because its a super fast way to get salon style!

20130515-175249.jpg How To: I hold my hair in 1″-2″ sections, wrapped around the barrel for 8 fast seconds. You’ll have to experiment how long is good for you- we all have different hair! Be careful, if you hold it too tightly or too long, the curls will be too tight like Prom Hair circa 2003. Really important: I always use a flat iron to quickly straiten the very most front pieces of hair, and the roots by the edge of my face (don’t straiten the ends just the first few inches from the root to mid-section), because “curly bangs” aren’t cute with this hair style.

If I style my hair like this starting from straitened hair, I get more sleek, polished looking waves. If I do this starting with my naturally curly hair, I get large, very voluminous hair. I enjoy both looks, just depends on what look I’m going for.

Gorgeous celebs rocking this exact hair style (Take Note! These leading ladies’ hair stylists also do the straiten-the-few-inches-of-hair-around-the-face move! It’s important!):

20130515-175923.jpg Top to bottom, Left to right: Selena Gomez, Lauren Conrad, Katie Holmes, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Beckinsale.

If you have any hair product questions for styling, send them to us by tagging us @fashionbeautysisters on Instagram! We would love to answer them!


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