Pinterest Pick of the Week 6

Pinterest Pick of the Week 6

Hello readers!

While scrolling through the Pinterest feeds I came across this pin and thought ti was so neat! It is a description of “The History of the Little Black Dress”. It shows how the term “Little Black Dress” has been used for ages among women for the classic black dress that everyone searches for, but the idea of what is considered classic has changed over time.

This pin really shows how fashion goes through phases and will go in and out of a style. You see the little back dress go from simple and sophisticated to eccentric and loud and back to simple again. People always say that thing will come back into style and I actually think that is the case when it comes to fashion.

I think my favorite version of the little black dress would have to be the 1960’s with the Audrey Hepburn little black dress. It is so simple but absolutely classy, elegant, and beautiful. The pin even states how the 60’s reflected some of the 1920s style (which if you remember I am completely obsessed with).

Let us know which decade of the Little Black Dress is your favorite! And to see more fashion pins follow us on Pinterest!

Till next time Fashionistas,

Laura Flynn


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