Meeting Miranda Frye

I had the honor of meeting jewelry designer Miranda Frye at her beautiful studio- not only is her studio beautiful but she is too!!! I wanted to post a couple pics of her jewels, but that won’t do it justice- so you get lots of fun details in this post!

Meeting her for the first time:

20130610-080127.jpgThose unique necklaces at the top left are her poker chip designs. Aren’t they gorge?! On the bottom right are a few of her long necklaces- (L to R: Bar of Gold Necklace, Tablet Necklace, Solar Necklace, Crescent Necklace.) These are PERFECT for LAYERING!!! You can get yours at She’s got great branding and packaging. (I added the shells, but you get the idea.)

What I like about Miranda’s Jewelry…

There’s no shortage of beautiful jewelry out there, but as with all designers I feature, I look for a unique, distinguishing and FABULOUS quality –

1. Miranda Frye Jewelry is LITERALLY featherweight. It is so lightweight, sometimes I check myself to make sure it’s still on! In a world of heavy jewelry, this is a life-saver!

2. ***MOMS WITH SMALL CHILDREN, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!*** All of her necklaces don’t just have a regular flimsy clasp, there are tiny HAND-WRAPPED wires keeping the pieces fiercely bound to each other. This means kids can yank on them without having your necklace break!! See a close-up of what I’m taking about here:

20130610-091657.jpgDifferent Looks…
I’m wearing the Pointed Paisley Earrings, the Sideways Cross Necklace and the Arch Necklace.

20130610-094758.jpgRunning errands, work meetings and going to a fund-raising dinner…

20130610-094821.jpg Celebrity Look for Less!!!!
These gorgeous celebs are all wearing dainty necklaces, and modern bohemian earrings. Their pieces cost up to $1,500.00. You can get all similar looks on Miranda Frye’s website for a lot less than these celebs’ price points!!!

Happy Shopping!!! Be sure to follow @fashionbeautysisters on Instagram for a Miranda Frye giveaway later this week!


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