Getting Your Best Hair Cut!!

I cannot say it enough: The KEYS to a fab hairstyle are healthy hair AND a great haircut!!! A hair cut completely transforms how a person looks.

Some people rock several different lengths, colors and styles, á la Emma Stone or Jessica Biel. Others look fierce with a tried and true hairstyle, with hints of variation every now and then- like Sofia Vergara and Blake Lively!


I am part of the latter group: A consistent style through the years, with hints of changes! Pics of my most recent cut **THANK YOU ISABEL, MY STYLIST**!!!




20130922-103040.jpgI will take be sure to take photos from the front next time.


1. Be SPECIFIC about what you want. Don’t be afraid to communicate. Too many people leave it up to the stylist, and are disappointed with the results. They aren’t mind readers!
2. BRING PHOTOS! Give visual examples of what you want! Look below for ideas of who to bring photos of.
3. Ask for a haircut that will look good strait, wavy and/or curled. Most people overlook this detail.
4. If your stylist doesn’t do what you ask for…don’t feel bad about moving on to someone else! Ask your friends for a good referral.

CELEB HAIR EXAMPLES: Google these stars’ hair for pics to show your stylist (example: “Jennifer Aniston hair”).



-Julianne Hough
-Katie Holmes
-Emma Thompson



-Jennifer Aniston
-Jessica Biel
-Carrie Underwood



-Jenna Dewan Tatum
-Blake Lively
-Jennifer Lopez

This is how my hair looks styled from the front. Photo by Arina Borodina.

20130922-115538.jpgThank you so much for reading!!! Submit any hair or beauty questions, and I will get back to them!


2 thoughts on “Getting Your Best Hair Cut!!

    • Hi! Obviously I don’t know your hair, since I haven’t seen it, but this is what I tell my stylist: The back and the front are different. In the back, lots of layers, pay attention that they don’t look even! Make them “piecy”, but still beautiful. Up high, for the short layers, make sure she cuts out random sections that can sort of “spiral” out when you wear it curly. The most important thing is blending, so when you wear it straight it doesn’t look like a chia pet. It has to all fall down smoothly. The front has very little layers. I don’t like the feathering around the face, so I keep it long and sleek. Makes for long pretty curls AND the ability to wear it straight and sleek. The best stylists will be able to blend the front and back smoothly. Otherwise it will look like a mullet! Make sure they are confident they can make it look like one, uniform look. 🙂 enjoy! Xo

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