Throwback Thursday!

Throwing it back to when my lovely sister and co-blogger got married and I had the honor of being a bridesmaid. She changed up the tradition and let us all choose our own gowns in blush pink, a perfect color for the upcoming spring season, and our own hair styles. I chose two different ways to do of my hair. The classic curled with half up half down for the wedding, and a more simple straight hair look with a twist for the photos. The twist is such an easy look to accomplish with very little effort and can still provide an elegant look! Just take a small chunk of hair from the front and begin twisting it away from your face. Make sure though that your holding your hair toward the direction you’re going to pin it otherwise when you do set it in place you will get this strange out of place bump. Just continue twisting and adding on hair until you come to about your ear and then twist what ever hair you already have in the twist to where you want to pin it down. It gets your hair out of the way to show your gorgeous face and adds a little something extra to your ensemble. You can chose to do it on both side like me to still get a half up half down or just one side to add a little something extra to your style.

Hotel Room Essentials!

These are my essentials for traveling; my must-have skin care buddies to keep me fresh and aglow!


The Claironic MIA 2, which comes with an awesome travel case, is my weapon of all weapons. It has a handy timer on it, but I usually go longer than the timer when I need a slower,deeper clean… Especially on these long dance days! I love it!!!! Use it in circular motions, even though it already rotates circularly.

The Murad Anti-aging Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF (the blue label) I wear during the day, and the Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance at night….IT’S SERIOUSLY LIKE A TRIP TO A SWISS SPA FOR MY SKIN!!!!! Obsessed!

Murad Hydrodynamic Eye Cream…what can I say? I’ve tried them ALL and this one works best for me. Can we say “Fresh drink of water for my eyes?”

L’Oreal Youth Code Serum Corrector helps me keep my tone even, spots light and everything under control. It’s especially important since I’m pregnant right now, and can’t use retinol to keep any light spotting away. It’s from Target, and such a steal! Great product.

It’s important to drink tons of H2O while traveling to stay hydrated!!! Those hotel rooms will suck the moisture right out of you! I even bring some of this to spritz on for extra help:


What do you always make sure to bring in your suitcase? Happy travels!


Make Sure Your Nails Are 3-Free!

Inspired by my pregnancy, I went with the baby-boy vibes plus a double-party-nail on each hand! Loving it!

Of course I used one of my fave nail lacquer brands: essie! I love the quality, and best of all- ALL ESSIE POLISH IS MADE 3-FREE!!! Is your nail polish free of the 3 major common chemicals in polish? It’s so important! Believe it or not, the chemicals from your nail color go into the skin through the nail beds. Many brand name cosmetic companies use Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde (Remember formaldehyde??? That disgusting chemical in 7th grade science class used to preserve dead organs and specimens in big, creepy jars?!) There are premier brands that make 5-Free polish, but are generally much more expensive. To take good health measures and still have glam hands, I use a minimum 3-Free polish.

Want a list of safe nail lacquer brands? I love this blog post about it, check it out!

Try a fun party nail, or cute nail art! Every time I look at my mani/pedi I smile and think about how excited I am to become a mom! Such a joy…and it’s fun to incorporate it into everyday fashion too!