Loving my new lip colors!

I feel as though I’ve grown up and join the world if adult women and that means adding adult makeup accents. I’ve really come to LOVE adding lip color to my makeup collection. I’m not afraid to admit that I am a little bit of a brand name girl and I really do like the quality lipsticks that MAC makeup makes. I have started with a small collection with some more dimmer colors because I find it works better with my skin tone and I’m going to work my way up to the brighter ones.

Two of the lipsticks I had known I wanted based off of friend recommendations and the other two I had an idea of the shade that I wanted and the employees were so helpful in finding me the right shade. (The lipstick tubes are in the same order in all three pictures so that the names line up with their respected color).

The first two lipsticks Fanfare and Capricious are more of my everyday lipsticks for work, lunches and brunches, and just going out during the day. They are a little more understated while still giving a little more color to my face.

The other two, Diva and Viva Glam I, are my dark statement lipsticks. They are very popular shades from MAC and I find are often sold out during the holidays. I think that Viva Glam I is the perfect statement red lipstick for those night out on the town where those red lips are all you need. And I love Diva for that darker tone when the red is just a bit too much.

I’m so excited to see my lipstick collection grow as I find more colors for my skin tone! Let us know what you think or which ones are your favorite!